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Edward Workman,MD, our Medical Director, Ranked #1 Pain Mgmt MD In The USA in 2017, By The HealthTAP Top Doc Competition.

TENN Registered Pain Clinic

Find Out How We Can Help You Reclaim Your Life From Pain



NeuroPain  Clinic, Knoxville Is Not Your Typical Tennessee Pain Clinic.  

We Are The Only  Pain Clinic In East Tennessee That 

1) Has A #1 Nationally Rated Pain MD (*)  Medical Director Who Is Not Only Board Certified In Pain Medicine and Psychiatry/Neurology, But  Is Also A Fellow Of The American Academy of Pain Medicine, And A  Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine At UT Medical Center (UTMC), 

2) Can Provide Our Patients With The Choice of Traditional Pain  Medications, Pain Electrotherapies, (e.g. Pulsed EM Field Therapy), Alternative Pharmaceutical Grade Anti-Pain Nutraceuticals  And Supplements, Stem Cell Injections  for Painful Joints, Adjunctive Non-Opiate Pain Medications, And Targeted  Pain Generator Steroid/Lidocaine Injections.  Our Patients Can Choose  One, Or Any Combination, Of These Modalities For Their Pain Care, and   

3) We Are The Only  Clinic In East Tn That Is Fully Certified to Treat Pain Conditions, AND Related Psychiatric Disorders Such As Depression, Anxiety, And Addictions.  Dr. Workman is a Board Certified Pain Physician And a Board Certified Neuropsychiatrist; he has also attained the degree of Master Psychopharmacologist from the Neuroscience Education Institute in San Diego, California. 


*Dr. Workman Is Now Ranked #1 Pain MD In America* 

By The HealthTap Diagnosis and Treatment Competition (2017). 

And he was rated In The Top 20 US Physicians Across All Specialties.

He was also awarded the credential of Master Psychopharmacologist in 12/18 by 

the Neuroscience Education Institute.


Pain Management for low back and neck pain, limb pain, and neuropathic pain syndromes. 

Our goal is to restore patients back to their pre chronic pain state and give them their lives back !



You ARE a Partner In Your Own Pain Medicine Care with NeuroPain Clinic !


Whether via medications alone, injections alone, electrotherapy alone, or a combination of either, along with pain education, our team develops a personalized plan to restore you, the patient, to a useful and enjoyable life.  And the patient is a partner in that process.   Also, all patients receive extensive cognitive therapy for pain as part of their experience in our clinic, allowing them to learn to modulate their own  pain in new and novel ways. 


Don't let chronic pain interfere with your work, hobbies, and important relationships.  And don't let it continue to destroy your self confidence and ability to function as you once did.  


NeuroPain Clinic can help you regain your life.  

Call 865-862-0763 for an appointment TODAY! 

We accept all major credit & debit cards, Worker's Compensation, Medicare Set Asides, Select Private Insurances, and we assist patients in filing insurance.  Heavy Discounts are built in for credit and debit card payment.  


ALL PAIN IS NEUROLOGICAL PAIN (see 2nd page of this site for proof).  Only a NEUROSCIENCE approach to pain management yields lasting benefits to the patient.  And, NeuroPain Clinic's approach  targets nerves in the injury site, spinal cord and brain to yield maximum and lasting pain control. 

Click here to see our 2 min. clinic intro video:  


Top notch pain care, by a nationally recognized MD Pain Physician, Board Certified in Pain Medicine and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, and a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at UT Medical Center


 NeuroPain  Clinic provides medical care that is personalized for each and every  patient.  We are NOT like the factory model clinics that see up to a  hundred patients per day, and you never get to see the real medical  doctor. There you only see so called 'physician extenders,'  who have no  medical school training and limited pain medicine prescribing ability  (per Tennessee law), regardless of the individual needs, or the  suffering, of the patient. 


On  the contrary, we are a small sub-specialty pain clinic focused on  individualized and compassionate medical care. 

Every visit, our pain  clinic patients see a Board Certified Pain Medicine MD Physician, Edward  Workman, MD, FAAPM, who is also a Fellow of the American Academy of  Pain Medicine and a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at UT Medical Center.  He is assisted by caring and professional nurses, all  experts in treating chronic pain. 

....And we actually listen to our patient's needs and concerns!


To see Dr. Workman's bio, go to page 6; his bio is at the second half of the page; a link to a video introduction to our clinic is at the top.  

Website pages: 

1-this page

2-Patient FAQ

3-How pain become chronic

4-The Anti-Inflammatory Pain Mgmt Diet

5-The Pain Subtype Test

6-Short Video Intro to our Clinic & Dr. Workman's Bio


To Make An Appointment, 

CALL 865-862-0763

Click above image to access Dr. Workman's recent Pain Medicine Lecture for Medicine residents at UT Medical Center

 We  provide DRUG THERAPY and Injection therapies for the following types of chronic  pain and we have an online Pharmaceutical Grade Supplement Pharmacy for  those patients who do not want opiates for pain. We Treat: 

Low Back and Neck pain,  

Peripheral Nerve Pain, CRPS/RSD, 

Amputation Stump Pain,  

Joint pain, Knees, Hips, Shoulders 

Headaches and  Other Neuropathies

 Cancer  Malignancies


 PERSONALIZED  PAIN EDUCATION focused on pain stress management, cognitive behavior  therapy, muscle relaxation therapy, functional restoration, re-injury  avoidance via functional pain anatomy training. 


Available Injection therapies Include:

Trigger Point Injections;

See actual clinic TPI video here: 

Spinal Facet Joints

Sacro-Iliac Joints

Occipital Nerve Blocks for Headache

Knee, Hip, Shoulder Joints

Amputation Neuroma Desensitization

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Stem Cell Regenerative Injections 

For a detailed description of PRP, see the PRP section at:

 (all injections are performed under ultrasound guidance to optimize visualization and avoid radiation exposure) 

NeuroPain Clinic, Knoxville Has An IN HOUSE Ultrasound Diagnostic Lab 

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