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Bio: Edward Workman,MD,FAAPM

NeuroPain Clinic's Medical Director........ Dr. Workman's Bio

HealthTap, a national consortium of clinics, hospitals, and medical corporations, has Ranked Dr. Workman the #1 Pain Management Physician in the US, and in the top 20 overall Physicians in the US.  This was the result of their Diagnosis and Treatment Competition among hundreds of thousands of US Physicians. 

Dr.  Workman is an American Medical School Graduate (MD, Medical University  of South Carolina in Charleston), with residency training initially in  Internal Medicine at UT Medical Center, where he is now a Clinical  Associate Professor of Medicine.  He  was an Emergency Medicine physician for five years in the late 80's and  early 90's. Dr. Workman completed residency training at the widely  acclaimed University of Virginia's Combined Psychiatric Medicine program,  combining internal medicine, neurology and psychiatry. 


His  post residency fellowship experience in clinical neuroscience and pain  medicine was also at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.   There,  he was a Laughlin Fellow, a full faculty member, and  Co-Director of the Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic until the late 1990's,  when he and his wife returned to Knoxville to raise their children. 


Dr.  Workman has practiced Pain  Medicine here in Knoxville and taught in  the Dept. of  Medicine at UT Medical Center, where he is a Clinical  Associate Professor of Medicine, since his return to this area.  At UTMC  he teaches Medicine residents in the areas of Pain Medicine, Clinical  Neuro-science, Neuropsychiatric Medicine, and Neuro-psychopharmacology. 


Active  in community service, Dr. Workman received the Ronald Reagan Medal Of  Honor for his work as Medical Consultant to the National Republican  Congressional Committee.  He is a member of FBI Infraguard, and a  Physician Neuroscience Consultant to the US Army Medical Command.  Dr. Workman has served on the Advisory Boards of the American Academy of Pain Management and The American Academy of Pain Medicine.  


Dr.  Workman has published over 70 articles and 8 books in pain medicine and  neuroscience areas (see his profile on His pain medicine  research has been featured in Kaplan and Sadock's internationally  recognized, Synopsis of Psychiatry, and he has served as the Chief  Editor of the international journal, Pain Digest.   He has been featured  on the cover of the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry for his work on the  effects of SSRIs.


Dr.  Workman is currently on the Editorial Boards of the widely acclaimed   journals,  CNS Disorders,  and the Journal of NeuroInflammation.  He   is the co-author of the international  best selling CRC Press textbook,  STRESS MEDICINE, and senior author of the PRACTICAL HANDBOOK OF  PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY.   He has been an invited speaker at the NEUROSCIENCE  EDUCATION INSTITUTE, and the United Nation's WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION.   Both for his clinical research and his innovative clinical  practice  in the treatment of chronic pain.