Patient comments & FAQ

Patient comments on social media: the good and the bad.

 ' He is a great doctor. I have been with him for 15 years'. ....BB

" You are so right my kind sir! ..self pay is  the only way to find doctors who can listen and get creative...really" (enlightened reader of our ads)

" Dr. Workman knows what he is talking about and doing . he has helped me so much . he has listened to me as far as i can remember and has gotten straight too the point . hes web page has alot of things too read about and its just like he is very easy too understand . Now , his staff is very loving and caring folks , they are and have always been so helpful "...................LL

" thanks 4 being kind and always giving me that strait up truth ive always respected u 4 that"........DJ 

"  I am so very thankful to have you to manage my pain. Thanks to you I  live an active life despite any pain. You are my hero"  EB 

"Other clinics are run by nurses and I never see the doctor; ; they can only prescribe so much no matter what you need: They tell me its the law. here i see Dr. Workman every time I come;  he can prescribe waht I need so I can keep on working. "  LC

" Thanks for all u did for me it's been a long hard road but we will make it" JT 

 'He is definitely not the same as one on every corner'. Not a pill mill!"

" Thank you Dr. Workman for giving me a satisfying life. "

 'I  am able to be active thanks to Dr. Workman. His patients cannot abuse  their medications  They are counted every visit. Random drug testing'.  ...EB

"I dont likeem. they wanted xrays mri before givine me my meds.  MRi too expensive. didnt come b ack."   JM 

"I've  benn in the clinic for 8 yrs; they really listen to me. when my pain got worse from working alot  and meds need raising they look at whats goin on and if I need it they raise them so I can keep working"  ' Thanks to them i  take care of my family" CM

"These people got bent  ottow shape caus my drug screen show cocane and maryjane. They wanted to take me of my pain med and want to treat me for being an addact and blood pressor.  I didn't go back." LW

'He's the best doc period !'...MB

 "Dr workman most docs aint like u all they do is hand drugs u seriously try 2 help ur patients or atleast u always have me and i know sumthing about pain myself ……thank u for being my doc and my friend when ive needed 1 u been there 4 me threw sum pretty rough times"…….RJ  

'FIVE 5+ stars on Google'...MS

'Excellent physician and staff. Dr. Workman is kind. This is not a "pill mill" is a place for legitimate effective medical care. Highly recommended !!  "  ....MA  (nurse case mgr) 

"  You have given me back a decent life ".....BB

 "Amazing breadth of knowledge and expertise.  I learn from reading Dr. Workman"............Dr. L. F. (referring MD)

" I wanted to share my appreciation for all that you do! Thank you, doctor!" A.P.   

 "saved my life, Thank You! " .AQ

" made me feel good every day.  Thanks!".......EP 

"Theyre not like the nurses at my other pain clinic; they listen and change my medicine when i need it.  i see the doc every time" LC   

"  saved my life, Thank You ." .VB   

"This clinic has given my life back." JL        

"Before I met Dr. Workman and his staff I was'nt living, now I am" GG             

"you people really listen"  AK

"I've been to many clinics and most don't give a shit; you guys actually do!!!!!!"  BL 

"These guys really know what theyr doing; never seen anything like it: "  ....JB

"for the first time, I dontf eel like the insurance company is calling the shots. I pay with visa and send them a bill form. the insurance company is on the outside of things"...LE


Questions from Potential Patients: FAQs

Question: What insurance do you take?  

Answer:  We provide patients with the forms to file their own insurance and we take major credit & debit cards for payment.  Given the current state of health insurance, with pre-certs & pre-authorizations, we believe that payment by CC or Debit Card is more convenient for you, and then you can file your insurance for reimbursement.  If we take your insurance it is a FACT that the insurance company WILL CONTROL AND LIMIT THE DOSES AND TYPES OF MEDICATIONS YOU CAN GET. 

Also, we take Worker's Compensation and Medicare Set Asides; these are worker's compensation claims that are settled with medical payments;  call the office to evaluate your situation. 

Question:  What codes do I tell the insurance carrier that you will bill? 

Answer:  patients are responsible for contacting their insurance carrier to check on payment prior to their visit if they want to bill insurance.  The codes we typically use are 99205 for new patients and 99215, 99214 for follow up visits for drug therapy and therapeutic pain education. Call the office for injection codes. 

Question: What do I need to bring to my first appointment?  \

Answer:  we need imaging that documents your injury or pain generator, a list of current medications, a list of current medical conditions, and we prefer to have your prior medical records, if possible.  

Question: What if I don't have my medical records?  

Answer: we can contact prior physicians and clinics to get them for you.  

Question: Do I need a referral from another doctor?  

Answer: No we accept self referrals.

Question: Who methods does your clinic use? 

Answer:  We follow the WHO pain mgmt model: 1) drug therapy with opiates and adjuvants,  based on level of pain, type of pain, medical history, side effect profile, and prior response to medications; 2) pain education to avoid re-injury and pain flaring, and, if needed, 3) injections to dampen pain sites.   Our basic model is pharmacotherapy based on neuroscience principles.